Riverview Dressage

Welcome to Riverview Farm, where we have developed a world class dressage training program located in Southern California just east of Los Angeles.

Our main focus is developing the skills of the adult amateur/owner and the professional rider alike so that they may successfully participate in the sport of dressage. Dressage is about the correct gymnastic training of the horse. Whether for competition or for pleasure a supple, happy horse is a great ride.

From our location we are able to compete at the biggest shows here on the west coast as well as the small local shows and we are committed to managing and training our sponsored horses so each one gets the best chance to improve in the show ring.

We are promoting technically correct skill sets and a positive mindset that contribute overall to an active, healthy lifestyle.

On occasion we also have horses for sale. Check out the youngsters from our breeding program, many different ages and stages of training. We also feature some incredible riding horses for sale that are currently in our training program.